SlidArt in a nutshell

SlidArt is an innovative approach to deliver cultural content to Generation Z. Here we attempt to solve two issues we have observed in society / the market:

  1. The discovery process became somewhat banal - scrolling through endless lines of images on FB or Instagram based on who you follow or requires active effort or research;
  2. The engagement with content is limited to a like or heart and requires even more active effort if one wants to experience it in person.

SlidArt's mission is to remove these obstacles and make this process fun and effortless.

Discovery - the interface

The tinder-like card-swiping interface offers advantages:

  • cognitive evaluation process of one decision;
  • fast decision-making (release true sense for the object);
  • and very easy to use interface for all audiences.

Engagement - convenience push

SlidArt puts the main focus on experiencing art in person. When the user is moving around the city, she will be notified if any of the liked art works are in close proximity, which we call a convenience push. In other words, the user gets an additional layer of experience to her every day life.

Behind the scenes

We are in the process of:

  • Aggregating and curating all open data in Australia and around the world that we can get our hands on
  • Creating a framework for galleries and artists to understand and expand their audience

We aim to provide galleries and musea an evolutionary model (vs a disruptive online marketplace) that supports their irreplaceable physical presence - and in doing so growing the art database.

Future plans to transform every user into a data aggregator and curator.


Considering the above into account we can identify various potential benefits for the art's scene:

  • Aggregating and more importantly exposing the richness of local art.
  • Using innovative technologies to build a bridge from digital to real-life appreciation of- and interaction with art, and in doing so build stronger communities.
  • Nurture the cultural heritage and communicate to the community about collection material that might not otherwise travel to regional areas
  • Supporting young artists by exposing their work to the community and stimulate engagement.
  • Explicitly support the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry
  • Various interactions with galleries indicated a deep concern for the future about not being able to compete with the digital world and a lack of appreciation for the burden of maintaining a physical presence. SlidArt can offer galleries and art institutes an invaluable resource to strenghten their position in the community and reduce the risk of loosing these cultural hubs from our streets.

Here you can view a broader Presentation & Visual overview of the SlidArt app